Digital Presence Checklist

In a world where social media and Internet profiles reign, it’s important to keep your digital presence up to date. You may think it’s quite simple to run your own social media pages, but are you catering to selling your service, music, and art, or are you acting as a personal page. Regardless of how you look at it, as an independent artist, you’re selling a product and this digital presence checklist will help you not only be more accessible to business but keep a concise online profile for you to showcase your work.

Social media

  • If possible, make sure your social media handles are the same throughout all platforms.
  • Keep your biographies short and simple and always include a CTA (call to action) link in your bio.
  • Keep your highlights relevant and updated. Icons add to your branding.
  • Post regularly. Twitter can be used every day, several times a day. Facebook should be updated once a day + when new content is available. Instagram can be updated every day with constant activity on your story.
  • Use metric programs to find out the best time to post each day, which hashtags are best and consider location marketing
  • Engage with the content on your feed. The more you interact with content, it boosts the visibility of the content on your page, leading to more followers and a higher engagement rate.
  • Create sharable content and share content. Your EP cover or singing videos aren’t ways considered “sharable” to others. Create content that allows your fans to engage and share.
  • Create brand guidelines for yourself and stick with them. Whether its a color theme, posting theme, feed aesthetic, or weekly content piece, stick with the branding throughout your pages.
  • Use all features of each platform to your advantage.
  • Join Facebook groups dedicated to new music, independent artists and small businesses. These groups are concentrated with members looking to engage in your content.


  • Have one
  • Make sure your website includes the following: updated full-length biography, your EPK, a link to your music/ product, contact/booking.
  • Create a fan club / subscribers list to reach your fans directly through email marketing
  • Create content that is unique to your website and use your social media channels to draw traffic. Remember, you own nothing posted on social media, but everything on your website.

Streaming Platforms

  • Make sure your social media handles are visible and links are working
  • Have a condensed and updated bio.
  • Create playlists with your music + others on your page. (offer more than just your music)
  • Use the same profile photo across all streaming platforms

We hope this information was helpful and can be used through your music career. Want to dive a bit deeper? Schedule a consultation.